An Afternoon of Time (3rd edition, 2011)

An Afternoon of Time (3rd edition, 2011)


by Don Charlwood
(3rd edition, 2011)
$19.95 AUD

Two stories have been added to this updated edition to make twelve beautifully told and entertaining tales of rural life in Western Victoria during the 1930s.

Four of the stories centre on the Otway Forest and the Great Ocean Road of that time. The other eight stories tell of farming and community life in the Western District pre-WWII. Many of the author’s photographs taken in the 1930s and ’40s are included in this edition.

Also included are the author’s Reflections – written in his ninety-fifth year. Charlwood tells of the people who influenced and encouraged his writing, and of the experiences and observations that were part of his progression to a published and respected author.

Paperback, 231 pages, foreword, author’s Reflections, 12 short stories, 16 pages of photographs.

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Left: Percy the Rabbiter, his dog Adolphus Bannockburn Ree and horse, The Pig, circa 1934.

Below left: Percy, George and the rabbiting pack. Circa 1934.

Lower left: The author’s brother Arthur in a massive red gum near Nareen. Circa 1939.

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